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Money Players

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    Money Players

  • NFL, NBA. Golf, Boxing, Baseball

    Oil paintings over currency

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In Professional sports, the measuring stick used to separate the great athletes from the others is based upon their ability to perform under pressure. Performing during “CRUNCH TIME” is the signature of these individuals. Whether it is taking the critical shot at the end of the basketball game, scoring the winning touchdown, hitting with men on base in the late innings of baseball game, Knocking down the birdie put back nine in the final round of golf or serving the ace for impairment point in the tennis match, these athletes often succeed at these critical moments. A term used to complement thisextraordinary skill under pressure is the “MONEY PLAYER”. In recognition of these athletic achievements, a series of original paintings has been created, as well as limited edition sets of lithographs celebrating those athletes who are truly “MONEY PLAYERS” An internationally recognized artist ROYI AKAVIA does thaw artwork. Royi uses a special medium of devalued global currency, matted on canvas as a background. It’s a unique and attractive design that highlight the global nature of the sport and transnational aspects of character of a “MONEY PLAYER”

“MONEY PLAYER” is not restricted to one nation. They exist in an international pantheon of grace and skill under pressure.The feats of these select athletes are special, as they may influence others on how to succeed during trying moments. Through their dedication, handwork and intelligence, the “MONEY PLAYER” reminds


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