The Condom Tie Show is a benefit event organized to support the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) in New York City. The event takes place at the Meisner Gallery in Soho, New York. The primary objective of the benefit is to raise funds and awareness for AIDS research and prevention.

Artist Royi Akavia has crafted a truly extraordinary design featuring 12 handmade neck ties, each equipped with a zipper compartment to hold condoms. In addition, Akavia has painted a 23-foot canvas in the shape of a tie. This monumental tie incorporates a 6-foot zipper that contains a staggering 1000 condoms.

The artwork created by Royi Akavia carries a profound message regarding safe sex practices and the crucial role of condoms. The meticulously handcrafted neck ties, with their integrated zipper compartments, blend fashion and functionality in a remarkable manner. By incorporating condoms within these ties, Akavia seeks to initiate discussions surrounding sexual health, protection, and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.