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Royi Akavia is an artist, animator, and director of Animation working in conjunction with animation and art. His artwork has been displayed in prestigious museums and galleries worldwide, including the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Norton Museum in Palm Beach, Florida, and various museums in Japan, such as the Sezen Museum in Tokyo, Aichi Prefectural Museum in Nagoya, and the Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art in Hiroshima.

Akavia is renowned for his notable series titled “Faces That Make Money.” These unique artworks incorporate a collage composed of authentic devalued international currency, expertly layered with varnish. Mr. Akavia skillfully paints the portraits of contemporary individuals who possess wealth, generate income, and indulge in extravagant spending. To further enhance the pieces, they undergo a meticulous process of controlled burning, resulting in a captivating three-dimensional glass-like surface that evokes the artistry of a bygone era.


Akavia’s talent and expertise were recognized when he was appointed as the official corporate artist for Western Union’s ambitious Y2K painting project. He was also commissioned by the renowned Anti-Child Abuse Non-Profit organization Kidz 2000 to paint a portrait of popular rock music artist Lenny Kravitz. His work was prominently featured at Woodstock ’99, where eight artists, including Akavia, each painted an 8′ x 4′ canvas.

In addition to his achievements in the art world, Royi Akavia has received numerous animation awards for his exceptional work. He has performed art direction and set design duties for several projects for MTV Europe, including MTV Beach House in Hague, Holland, and the set design for the MTV Latino Movie Awards Nomination in Miami Beach, Florida. Royi has collaborated with esteemed organizations such as PBS, “Barney & Friends,” The Sunny Side Up Show, and Scholastic. He has also worked with Cloud Lub at Columbia University in New York, creating “Move to Learn Apps.” Moreover, Royi has produced popular programs in collaboration with Moon Scoop Productions and Mike Young Productions, two of the largest independent animation companies in the United States. Some of the notable programs he has worked on include Dive Olly Dive, Code Lyoko, Pet Alien, and I Got A Rocket. Notably, Code Lyoko was even merchandised as a videogame for the Nintendo Wii platform by The Game Factory, a prominent video game publisher.




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