In a historic collaboration, former NFL players Ray Childress, Quentin Coryatt, Kevin Smith, Bucky Richardson, and Richmond Webb have come together with artist Royi Akavia to create a painting aimed at raising scholarship funds. This joint effort is in support of the 12th Man Foundation in Texas.

The painting, a testament to the shared passion for football and education, showcases the combined talents of these NFL legends and the artistic vision of Royi Akavia. Through their collaboration, they aim to generate resources for scholarships, providing opportunities for deserving students to pursue their academic dreams.

The artwork itself is a reflection of the spirit and camaraderie that football fosters. It captures the essence of these five former players, immortalizing their contributions to the sport and their dedication to supporting the community. With Akavia’s artistic expertise, the painting likely portrays their unique personalities and achievements, serving as an inspiring tribute to their careers.

Overall, this joint venture serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of these NFL players and their commitment to making a positive difference. Through their partnership with Royi Akavia and the support of the 12th Man Foundation, they are forging a path towardseducational success and empowering deserving students to achieve their dreams.